International Patients and Medical Tourism

As a firm, our mission is to provide not just the greatest, but legendary customer service.

Our treatments

World Class Treatment

World class treatment in the-state-of-the-art Hospitals.

Our treatments

Medical Tourism

Our International Team takes pleasure in helping international patients and their families feel at ease. The service begins with the receipt of a medical report, which is then forwarded to the appropriate professional for an opinion. This informs both the patient and, if applicable, the sponsor of the necessary operation or treatment.

 If the patient chooses to receive treatment at Canadian Specialist Hospital Dubai, the International Team will make all necessary preparations for the patient and their family, including visas, lodging, consultation and/or admission, and transportation (ambulance or air ambulance as required).
After a patient is admitted to the hospital, they are supplied with a full range of services, including translations and all of their daily needs during their stay.

How we collaborate with our clients

As a Facilitator, it is critical to understand the patient's problem and past history in order to help them in the right direction so that they may return to their daily responsibilities and enjoy time with their family. We serve as a vital link between patients and healthcare providers. We have a robust regular support system in place where we operate as a patient's family member to ensure that everything is running smoothly and with a calm mind. 

Receive and Assess

The procedure begins with a review of the patient's past diagnosis reports, doctor's prescriptions, and preferences, as well as a collection of expert opinions and costs.

Planning and Analysis

We will undertake extensive research on our side and identify the best-suited hospital, doctor, or wellness center for your optimal treatment after we have full information on your medical history and all reports. We will contact you with our medical expert team's suggestions/recommendations and, in consultation with you, decide how to proceed.

Make plans and put them into action

 Upon getting your approval, we will offer you a tailored package and provide you with an estimate based on your exact requirements, expectations, and budget. Once we've decided on a hospital for you, we'll set up an appointment and schedule a consultation with the surgeon/therapist of your choice.

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