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Our main focus is on cardiac and orthopedic surgery, diabetes, and any other type of therapy from the world’s best hospitals.

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Global Medcare

Global Med care assists patients living in any part of the world to get quality and affordable medical treatments in Dubai, UAE, or other countries that are known as medical tourism hubs. We are tied up with renowned hospitals having international standards to offer you the best treatment at the most affordable cost. From the initial consultation to visa assistance, hospital finalization, best accommodation, and post-surgery care.

Global Medicare handles Personalized service with 24/7 assistance to each patient visiting for the treatment to the country. Your medical travel arrangements will be handled by a team of professionals with European, Asian, and African backgrounds who have a wealth of experience and expertise in the tourism and medical sectors in various major medical cities, we collaborate with the best hospitals and doctors.

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Medical Tourism

Over the last few years, the medical tourism industry has developed at a steady rate. The medical care system is a mix of public and private, with the public system being more comprehensive and considering all of a patient’s needs. In Africa, Asia & GCC, the healthcare industry has emerged as one of the most important areas for pursuing financial development. The high cost of healthcare in many Western countries is one of the reasons for its rapid growth. People are willing to travel because medical care in the other parts of world is inexpensive and comprehensive.

Medical Treatments

Our team of healthcare experts has unrivaled experience in offering comprehensive healthcare consulting services to our clients, allowing us to provide solutions that support creative and technologically advanced healthcare facilities..

Cancer Treatment (Oncology)

Cancer is a deadly disease whose prevalence is steadily increasing around the world. Cancer can be cured if appropriately intervened at the right moment, regardless of the type of cancer or where it arises.

Heart Care – Cardiology

Cardiovascular disorders are one of the leading causes of death, and their diagnosis and treatment should be carried out by skilled physicians in adequately equipped facilities using latest medical technology.

Centers for Organ Transplantation

More than a century has passed since the initial organ transplantation experiments. Initially, transplantation trials were exclusively carried out on animals. Around fifty years ago, the first human organ transplantation procedure was undertaken.

Bone Marrow Transplantation

Cancer is a deadly disease whose prevalence is steadily increasing around the world. Cancer can be cured if appropriately intervened at the right moment, regardless of the type of cancer or where it arises.

Spine Care Centers

Treatment approaches that have been determined and regulated by clinical techniques based on evidence and prioritizing the safety of the patient are used at the Spine Centers. The safety of the patients is always a top priority.

Health Check-Up

While you are feeling well, you may believe that going to the hospital, seeing your doctor, or undergoing testing is unnecessary. Everyone, however, is exposed to a number of health dangers.

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I had a wonderful experience with the Global Medcare person, who was there for me throughout my treatment. I want to express my gratitude to your organization from the bottom of my heart. RECOMMENDED STRONGLY

I had a wonderful experience with Global Medcare’s medical tourism service; they are very professional and kind. They are unusual in that they offer a variety of personalized solutions based on value and worldwide connectivity. It comes highly recommended!

Global Medcare medical tourism offers superior medical treatments. They handle all medical tourism trip arrangements and offer a wide range of solutions to patients. One of the nicest things I’ve ever found is Global Medicare medical tourism.

They are highly professional in sending patients to different nations for treatment. Global Medcare’s medical tourism service comes highly rated. They also provide dental tourism and wellness tourism in Dubai.

What We do for you

Medical tourism, consulting, and other services are provided by Global Medcare, a high-qualified medical tourism firm. We are a group of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the medical tourism and medical sectors that will handle all aspects of your medical travel plans from beginning to end while you are overseas.

24 Hour Assistance

We give on-the-spot, Mult linquistics ie. Arabic and English-speaking travel assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..

Translation Services

Our Arabic / German and English-speaking team members can provide translation services for any of your medical and legal documents.

Experienced Tour Guides

Our competent tour guides are available to show you the most important sights in each location.

Transfer & Chauffeur Service

We offer point-to-point transfers or chauffeured driven vehicles at your convenience, with a variety of vehicles to pick from.

Hotel Reservations

Choose from one of our suggested hotels that meets your preferences. We have tied up with the world’s best Hotelsto make sure you enjoy the Travel experience.

Flight Tickets Booking

If you request it, our world travel consultant will find the most cost-effective airline and flight to your preferred destination.


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Ask as many questions as you need using the built-in communication features, and you'll get a quick response. From start to finish, Patient Coordinators will be there to help you.

☑️ Connect with hospitals all throughout the world.

Each hospital is hand-picked, and only internationally approved hospitals are included to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

☑️ Guaranteed Unbeatable Quotes

We guarantee that if you receive a lower quotation for the same treatment, facility, and doctor, we will beat it.

☑️ Expert Medical Advice Is Free

Before deciding where to receive treatment, speak with doctors directly to get all of your questions and concerns answered.

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